Long hair, we care.

We Know Our Stuff.

German-based cosmetic company, Dr. Wolff, knows hair inside out. After finding incredible results using caffeine in men’s products for thinning hair, Dr. Wolff used this science to exclusively design a line of products for long hair. Thus, Plantur 21 was born in 2011. With the Plantur line emerging in Germany as the most successful female shampoo in drugstores, we’re introducing this product to the United States for the first time and we won’t stop until the world is filled with Rapunzel-esque beauties.

Get Your Caffeine Fix

Let Your Hair Down

Capture the Ariel emerging from the water, Black Beauty at a full gallop, peak Julia Roberts romcom, Lizzo album cover, Mulan pre-sword, flowing for the gods, strong as hell, luxuriously soft, healthy hair you deserve. 

Let Plantur 21 be your go-to for your long hair.

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